Through Culture, We Can Promote Peace in Our Society

18 Oct 2017
In support of cultural and art works, the Office of the First Lady of Afghanistan organized a cultural event displaying paintings and sample movies of various Afghan filmmakers at Koti Baghcha Palace on 18th October 2017. During her speech in this event, the First Lady spoke of the role of arts and culture in survival of the national spirit of a country, and drew attention to the fact that not only should cultural programs be paid serious attention but we should try to promote a culture and environment of peace among people through various art programs such as movies and documentaries, paintings, music, poetry and literature. Some of the great Afghan painters including Ms. Rubaba Mohammadi, the young Afghan talent with disability, were also present and were able to paint during a session in the event. Moreover, parts of some of the films made by Afghan filmmakers including, ‘A letter to the President’ by Ms. Roya Sadaat, ‘Nasima’ by Ms. Sahra Karimi, ‘Utopia’ by Ms. Malalai Zekriya, and the symbolic ‘Water’ movie by Mr. Jalal Rohani, one of the students of Fine Arts Faculty were also displayed. A group of Afghan women hikers who have previously done some tough trainings on the Pamir mountains were among the participants as well along with some other art lovers. The fact that the Office of the First Lady pays attention to such cultural matters was highly appreciated by the participants.