Cultural Heritage Preservation

13 Nov 2016
In celebration of the World Heritage Day, a program was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Information at the Kabul National Museum. Mr. Bawari, Acting Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Information spoke comprehensively of the value of preserving the cultural heritage of Afghanistan. Besides, Her Excellency’s message on the topic was read by her Advisor in Media and Public Affairs, Ms. Zohra Yousuf where she stated, “It must be said that rehabilitation of historical and cultural monuments adds up to the cultural riches of a nation. And our dear Afghanistan with its 5000-year history indeed is the center of civilization in the world.” On this day, Chamber of Ancient Coins, and the Tea House of the Museum were also inaugurated with the descriptions provided by the Head of the national museum. Meanwhile a couple of cultural prizes were handed to some of the great cultural activists/scholars of the country including Ms. Zohra as a token of appreciation of their work in this area.