Palwasha Umari raising awareness about Cancer

17 Oct 2020
Her Excellency Rula (Bibi Gul) Ghani along with the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation met with Palwasha Umari and her colleague Abdul Aziz Pakteen.  Palwasha, in collaboration with Mr. Pakteen, wrote the booklet, which is focused on raising awareness about Cancer among Afghan women in order for them to do their test and take precautionary actions before it spreads in the body. Mr. Pakteen said that they have used authentic international sources to write the booklet. Ms. Nasrin Oryakhil, President of the Medical Council of Afghanistan and Chairperson of the Board of the Cancer Foundation, appreciated Palwasha’s work and promised her that after reviewing the booklet, she would make the necessary efforts to publish it. She also said that she would like to work with Palwasha and the women in Helmand to raise breast cancer awareness. The rest of the board members expressed their gratitude to Palwasha, for initiating and working on the book. In addition, the first lady appreciated her work that despite of insecurities she could manage to help her fellow Afghan women. She said that it is because of these courageous people like Palwasha that we are optimistic and hopeful for a prosperous Afghanistan.