Exhibition of the Photos from Afghanistan’s Ancient Heritage

21 Apr 2017
On April 21, 2017, a ceremony took place at the U.S Embassy to exhibit the photos of the ancient monuments in Afghanistan taken by the American photographer, Robert Nicholson Berg, where Mr. Hugo Llorens U.S ambassador in Kabul, gave a speech. Mr. Hugo stated that Afghanistan is a country that is located in a place where the western and eastern civilizations cross each other and has the most ancient relics. Unfortunately, many of these relics were damaged during the wars and Taliban’s reign in Afghanistan. After 2002, USA spent more than 25 million dollars in different projects with the cooperation of the Ministry of Information and Culture to protect and maintain the ancient heritage. Mr. Bawari, the head of the Ministry of Information and Culture, thanked USA for its financial and non-financial supports to protect Afghanistan’s cultural Heritage, and mentioned about Mr. Louis Dupree and Nancy Dupree ‘s efforts as well. Ms. Zohra Yousuf, Media and Public Relation’s Advisor to H.E the First Lady, government officials, and some of the Ambassadors were present to see the pictures