A letter to the president

24 Sep 2017
On Sept 24, 2017, Ms. Zohra Yousuf Media advisor to H.E the First Lady, participated in the official screening of “A letter to the President” movie by Roya Film House in TOLO TV hall. In her story, Ms. Roya Sadat has shared the sad story of an Afghan woman who works for the government as well as the truth of Afghan society. The film was directed by Ms. Roya Sadat, and its scenario was organized by Mr. Aziz Dildar. It worth mentioning that, the main character of the movie was played by Ms. Lina Alam. Currently, the film is supposed to be nominated for Oscar Awards. At the beginning of the program, Ms. Sadat talked about the challenges she faced with while making of the film. Also, she pointed out that due to the lack of a cultural center and standard cinemas, they had to screen the movie in Ariana Cinema. She requested the Afghan Government to pay special attention to Cinema and Theater. Mr. Sancharaki, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture and Information, confirming Ms. Sadat stated that there have been very few investments dedicated to culture and art within the last 16 years while cinema can play an important role in reflecting the reality of our society and its reform.